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Because one can't brain fart in law school, prepare for the blog stink of a law student.
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People of the Universe vs The Lawyer Is Out

Date of Promulgation: June 16, 2011
Ponente: God, CJ.


  • The Lawyer Is Out (TLIO) is a first year law student who drags herself to school everyday.
  • TLIO did not want to be in law school. It just so happened that it was a choice between finding the meaning of existence everyday while being a bum, or being in lawschool. The latter sounds saucier.
  • Plaintiff submits petition to make life more miserable for the defendant by making life in lawschool more hellish than it usually is for the latter.
  • Petition was filed on the basis that TLIO committed an offense lacked the passion for justice as is required for law students, as presented in the evidences showing that TLIO barely finishes assigned readings for class but is almost always on Tumblr.
  • Defendant files motion to dismiss petition, claiming that it’s to early to judge her because there might be passion for justice in there, it just hasn’t formed yet.

Issue: Whether or not petition should altogether be granted and The Lawyer Is Out be discontinued from going to lawschool.

Ruling: Not Yet. Petition pending

Ratio Decidendi:

It is given that not all law students enter law school for the sake of serving justice. It is how they shape their ambiguities that life may eventually judge them. As for the case of the defendant, it could not be ruled out that there may be passion for justice inherent in the person, it has been proven in the past that the defendant could be a bitch when it comes to the causes of equality and human rights. The defendant has a problem with rules, and that is why memorizing laws and observing rules of law may prove to be difficult, thus the general struggle of going into class everyday and finishing digests for 20 cases per meeting. The defendant pleads guilty to the offense of being in Tumblr all the time. All these in consideration, the court rules that The Lawyer is Out be given time to course through law school for the time being, with costs to the defendant to practice due diligence and not spend so much time in Tumblr. So ordered.

Footnote: I never thought I’d be in lawschool. I have asserted and reasserted over family lunches, random conversations,  friendly snides during college that I would never be a lover of laws. And fate loves me so much that here I am in lawschool. And I hate it so much that I’m going to blog about it. This blog is about laws (or what joke i could get out of it), and the joke I am being by being part of a lawschool. Enjoy!

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